What is IMEI?

  •  Is the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), is a unique number to identify GSM devices

Where can I find my IMEI?

  • In your mobile, enter *#06# into the keypad and the screen will display a 15-digit numbering.  Or you can found it  printed inside the battery compartment of the phone. If you have an iPhone you can find it on Settings > General > Information.

IMEI unlocking advantages?

  • It is a permanent and safe unlocking.
  • One time unlocking for lifetime
  • Supports any GSM Sim Card worldwide
  • Increase the value of your iPhone

What about disadvantages?

  • Unlocking time process within 8-24 hours
  • Payment of  US$ 27.90, but it is a permanent unlock that will increase your iPhone value.

Can I unlock a non AT&T USA Carrier network mobile?

  • Yes, actually we unlock devices from more than 70 carriers around the world.

Can I unlock my iPhone in iOS 8?

  • Yes, IMEI unlocking works with all iPhone models, supports all firmwares and basebands.

Can I unlock iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+?

  • Yes, our unlocking system supports iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, 100% guaranteed.

Is it difficult? ¿What should I do to unlock permantly my iPhone ?

  • Our unlocking system is EASY, FAST AND SAFE. Just send us your mobile IMEI completing the Requested Form, within 8-24 hours you will receive the Unlocking Confirmation Email. Once you received the confirmation email, sync your iPhone to iTunes in your computer. iTunes will pop up a message displaying that your iPhone has been unlocked.

Will it work in my iPhone?

  • Yes, it is guaranteed that it works in all iPhones models, otherwise you have your money back.

I have received the Unlocking completed confirmation email, but iTunes does not display the Unlocking Message.

  • Just reset your iPhone ( Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings)
  • Please reconect your iPhone to iTunes, and that’s all.
  • Note: If your iPhone has been JailBreaked previously, you should restore the settings-

Is it legal to unlock an iPhone?

  • Yes, it is;  there is provision for unlocking within the DMCA 2010 round.

Can I use the App Store? Can I sync my iPhone with iTunes?

  • Yes, sure. Your iPhone will work perfectly with iTunes and also with applications purchased from the App Store.

 The iOS updates, will keep working?

  • Yes, there is no problem updating your iPhone with iTunes, your smartphone will continue unlocked. (Our unlock is permanent).

 Should be my phone ‘activated’ first? All I can see is the emergency call screen!

  • It is not necessary, after we unlock you iPhone, you need to sync your iPhone to iTunes to complete the unlocking process and it will be activated at the same time.

Does it work with a new iPhone?

  • Yes, of course.

If I restore after unlocking the phone do I need to unlock it again?

  • No, the iTunes restore, it just do restore the factory settings, your phone will continue unlocked. ( Our unlocking system is permanent).

Do I need a Google Checkout account to make the payment?

  • You can make payments using your Credit or Debit Card through Google Checkout. If you don’t have a Google Checkout account,  after you clicked Pay & Unlock button, a new window will open, there is a link at  bottom right side, where you can register.

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